Life Scents™

Tell your unique scent story with Life Scents™, the first constantly changing fragrance that creates a true-to-life experience.

Your home is ever changing. It’s full of life, and full of activity. And that is a thing to be cherished.

But life moves so fast, it’s hard to stop and embrace everything that makes your home a home. Scent ties a home together and new Air Wick ® Life Scents™ evoke all that goes into your home, the center of your life.
Life Scents™ is the first constantly changing fragrance that creates your true-to-life experience.

Multi-layered scent keeps reminding you of why you love this room--this space you love--and the way it makes you feel. It keeps telling you exactly what you want your home to say. By changing fragrance notes, you always experience a fresh lift in the air. Life Scents™ from Air Wick® are the first constantly changing fragrances that say Home is in the Air, in so many ways.


Life Scents™