Life Scents™ Turquoise Oasis Reed Diffuser

Surround yourself in the untouched beauty of a turquoise oasis with scents of sun bleached driftwood, salty sea spray, and warm breeze.

  • Life Scents™ is the first constantly changing fragrance that creates a true-to-life experience
  • First air freshener to use three alternating scents
  • Lasts for a week at a time (longer than blended fragrances)
  • Elegant Design

Air Wick Reed Diffusers create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, with aromatic natural fragrances permeating your living space. Air Wick Reed Diffusers last for weeks at a time, as the natural rattan stems gently spread fragrance around a room; the air freshener brings the freshness of nature into your home. The elegant design is pleasing to look at, but is created with practicality in mind. Air Wick Reed Diffusers add style to your home. Over time, the gradual lowering of liquid will let you know how soon you need to replace your diffuser. Brighten your home with true to life, constantly changing fragrance.

Unscrew and remove the cap. Wearing gloves, use your finger to push out the sealing disc from the top of the cap. Screw the cap back onto the bottle. Insert the rattan stems into the bottle making sure you spread out the stems. The stems will act as a wick to draw up the fragrance and release it slowly into the air. Ensure the product is placed on a stable surface to prevent accidental spillage. Do not place on polished, painted or plastic surfaces. Wipe surface in case of spillage. Please retain instructions for future reference.

Please read carefully the safety and precautionary text before use.
Use only as directed
People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product
Irritating to eyes and skin
Keep out of reach of children
Avoid contact with skin and eyes
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
After contact with skin, wash with plenty of soap and water
Wear suitable gloves
If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label


Product Code: 6295120024225